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We are urgently Hiring for British Airways Logistic Department at Delhi.

Job Location: Delhi Dwarka

Salary: 2.75 to 3.75 PA

Required Exp: 1 to 4 years 

This is on the payroll of TT Logistic.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES  Ensure 100% compliance of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) quality Standards & SLA Performance Measurement Matrix as per our contract with the Principal.     Systematic & effective functioning of the station in accordance with the SLA/LPM/SOP requirements.  Comprehensive knowledge of business and operating systems in their process area.  To be fully conversant with all aspects of cargo operation functions like documentation (import and export), sending pre-alert telexes, liaising with external suppliers, ULD management, courier handling, manifesting, handling queues, Air AMS data checks, freight regularization etc.  Responsible for all import activities like issuance of cargo arrival notices, delivery orders, regularization of import discrepancies in Customs, collection of D.O. fees; coordination for import transshipment with interline carriers etc.  To be conversant with BA80 / BFE, rate calculations and be able to understand how to read an AWB.  To also have knowledge of the various manuals, e.g., SOP, LPM, TACT etc   To ensure strict adherence to the safety and security procedures and standards of the Principal.  To assist in the event of delays and disruptions by proactive communication and interaction  To effectively deal with mishandled & delayed cargo, and subsequent irate customers.  Coordinating with warehouse regarding clearance and on-hand freight.  Identify opportunities for change and continuous improvement with implementation of new working practices.  To effectively coordinate with onsite/central team.  To build business relationships with internal and external customers  To be able to liaise with third party efficiently.

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